Catholic College Sale welcomes new students at any time during the year.

The College Open Week takes place in early May, however tours can be arranged at any time. Enrolment of Year 7 students takes place in mid May. Required interviews are then held with the prospective student and his/her parents. Enrolment into Year 7 after this date will be subject to availability of vacancies.

In some year levels a waiting list may exist.

Upon enrolment, students will need to obtain the required classroom resources. Resource lists for each year level can be accessed here.

Full enrolment documents are available here –

Catholic College Sale Enrolment Form

Appendix 2 - Notices 1 & 2

Appendix 3 - Privacy Policy Standard Collection Notice

Appendix 4 - Disclosure to Students

Appendix 5 - Parent-School Relationships Code of Conduct

If you would like more information about Catholic College Sale, or the enrolment process, please fill in the expression of interest form below, and a staff member will contact you. Fields marked with an asterix (*) are compulsory and must be filled out for the form to be submitted.

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