Maths Pathway

Maths Pathway is a Learning and Teaching Model that is re-imagining the way mathematics is taught in schools. The model is research-driven and has been developed to support success for all students in mathematics.

Maths Pathway combines a range of teaching methods and classroom practices with an online learning environment to support individualised learning for each student. With Maths Pathway, teachers have the tools and the time to address each student’s individual learning needs. This includes developing their problem solving, independent learning, group work skills, and helping students develop a growth mindset towards their mathematics learning.

In their Maths Pathway classroom, students will first be tested on their current levels of understanding across the entirety of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, levels 1–10A (mapped to each State’s curriculum automatically). This is done so that the system can pinpoint exactly where each student’s strengths and weaknesses are. Once we have this overall picture of a student’s current capacities, students can access and learn new content at a level that is appropriate for them.

Details of how they access work in the Maths Pathway system and other aspects of the program are explained in more detail in the following videos: