Welcome from the Principal

Catholic College Sale’s open enrolment policy allows all young people, who seek the catholic values of the College, to work towards achieving their individual goals. The College prides itself in challenging students in a constructive and supportive environment, as they endeavour to achieve their very best. The College believes that the partnership between students, parents and the College, provides the best environment for individual students to excel.

The College has a strong history and continues to believe in supporting young people, irrespective of all their chosen pathways. Students working towards the working world through an apprenticeship or traineeship program deserve the very best that we can provide. The College is continuing further expansion of its Pathways Program and is focussing on developing new Vocational Major programs to be taught at the College. We celebrate each of our students who have been successful in obtaining an apprenticeship and we wish them the very best, as they move into their new chosen careers.

“You are strong of mind, gentle of heart and loved by God”

Chris Randell