The college is currently open for applications for our 2024 Traineeships. These exciting positions are ideally suited for recent high school graduates.

We offer traineeships in the following areas:

  • Administration
  • IT/Digital Support
  • Sports/Outdoor Education
  • Education Support

For over two decades, we have partnered with AFL SportsReady to administer our trainee program here at CCS. Our trainees take on everyday tasks, allowing our dedicated teachers and staff to focus on vital core needs. They actively assist educators and staff with administrative tasks, all the while providing hands-on support both inside and outside the classroom – from delivering demonstrations and coaching to offering assistance in organizing activities, performances, and events. A traineeship at CCS offers a genuine, behind-the-scenes experience of school life, providing insight into the daily operations. Our trainees receive guidance and support from our experienced staff, as well as from their assigned supervising teachers and other members of the school team.

Applications are currently closed for 2024. 

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