Cybersafety refers to the protection of children when they are using ICT devices that are connected to the Internet or a telecommunications network (e.g. mobile phone, netbook, iPad or desktop computer).

The information from within this section has been extracted from the Federal Government’s eSafety website, located at Parents and students should invest a considerable amount of time digesting the contents of this site.

Cybersafety Issues:

  • Cyber bullying occurs when the Internet, email or mobile phones are used to deliberately and repeatedly engage in hostile behaviour to harm someone.
  • Sexting refers to the sending of provocative or sexual photos, messages, or videos.
  • Online grooming of children over the internet is the illegal act of an making online contact with a child under the age of sixteen with the intention of facilitating a sexual relationship.
  • Protecting personal information so that it can not be accessed and misused by criminals.
  • Excessive Internet usage may lead to children developing health and social problems.

In addition to the content provided on this site parents and students are encouraged to seek guidance from Pastoral Teachers/Learner Advisors, House Leaders or the College Counsellors.