SEED Program

Our Wellbeing Program is supported by our Pastoral lessons. The SEED Program sets the structure for Pastoral and the implementation of a whole school wellbeing philosophy.

The SEED Program promotes growth in all areas of a student’s life and empowers them with the skills and knowledge to develop as independent, self-managing learners, capable of flourishing in the 21st Century.

This strength based program sees students from Years 7 to 12 focus on four key areas:

SELF – Students foster an affirmative sense of self. They develop their individual growth through reflecting on their own personal experiences, to help inform their academic and life choices. Key topics include: Signature Strengths, Neuroplasticity and Identity.

EMPOWERMENT – Students are empowered with the skills and knowledge to be able to cultivate sustainable habits for peak academic performance and positive health and wellbeing outcomes. Key topics include: Mindfulness, Academic GRIT and Positivity Ratio.

ENGAGEMENT – Students acknowledge the meaning of connectedness. They establish meaningful relationships by engaging with the broader school community in activities that not only benefit themselves but also help and recognise the support of others. Key topics include: Meaning and Purpose, Social and Emotional Skills and Gratitude

DRIVE – Students develop an understanding of how to achieve a sense of mastery and autonomy in their life. This allows them to achieve their goals with competence and confidence and make valued contributions to others. Key topics include: Mindsets, Motivational Theory and Goal Setting.