Parent Access Module (PAM)

When a teacher marks an assessment task, they enter the marks onto the SIMON system. These marks are then automatically transferred to the semester report, which is then sent home at the end of each semester. With the Parent Access Module (PAM), parents can access the assessment task marks as soon as they are entered on the system, without having to wait until the end of the semester. All teachers provide a short three sentence comment about the student’s assessment task, so parents and students are aware of what was completed well, or where improvements could be made. These short comments then form the basis of the student’s end of semester report. Homework tasks are also uploaded to the PAM.

The PAM also allows access to the school calendar as well as each student’s school profile which includes timetable, attendance data, commendations and historical reports. Access to PAM is via the below link.


Parent Access Module (PAM)

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