College Policies

This page features the policies under which Catholic College Sale operates under.

Anaphylaxis Communication Plan

Anaphylaxis Policy

Antibullying and Bullying Prevention Policy

Attendance Policy - DOSCEL

Behaviour Management Policy

BYOSD Policy & Minimum Specifications

Child Protection Policy - Student Version

Child Safeguarding Information for Casual Volunteers and Contractors

Child Safeguarding Policy

Child Safety for Parents

Child Safety for Students

Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure

Cyber Safety Policy

Credit Reporting Policy

Digital Technology Policy

Duty of Care

Emergency Management

Enrolment Policy

Fee Schedule

Homework Policy

Managing Child Safety Incidents or Concerns

Marist Child Safe Adult Code of Conduct

Mobile Phone Policy

MSA Whistleblower Policy Eligible Recipients and WIO Table

MSA Whistleblower Policy

OHS Policy and Flowchart

Parent-School Relationship Code of Conduct

Plagiarism Policy

DOSCEL Privacy Policy

Responding to and Reporting Child Safety Incidents or Concerns

Social Media Policy

Standard Collection Notice

Student VCE Subject Withdrawal Policy

Tuition Fee Policy

UV Policy

VCE Parent Policies and Procedures

Workplace Equal Opportunity Policy

Years 9 - 12 Student Subject Change Policy