Clay Target Shooting – Bairnsdale

2020 Bairnsdale Clay Target Shoot

On Tuesday March 10th, the Bairnsdale Field and Game Club hosted the 2020 Riviera Secondary Schools Championship. The College had some really pleasing results across the day, both individually and in the team’s event. Students shot 20 simulated targets each, and competed in teams of five or six with students from their school.

In a brilliant effort, Year 10 student Ryder Miller was crowned the overall championship shooter of the day, hitting a remarkable 19 of 20 targets. In the Junior Boys category, Year 7 Will Gerrand was one target off forcing a shoot-off for 2nd place, shooting a very competitive 16/20 targets.

It was fantastic to see some of our more experienced shooters assisting our younger team mates throughout the day.

Some of our better overall performers:

Senior Boys

Ryder Miller – 19/20 (Overall Champion)
Jon McPherson – 16/20 (Equal 3rd)
Riley Wood – 15/20

Junior Boys

Will Gerrand – 16/20 (Equal 3rd)
Callum Farley – 15/20 (Equal 7th)

Senior Girls

Jessie Sedman 13/20 (Equal 4th)

In the team’s event, our best placed teams were as follows:

68/100 – Jon McPherson, Callum Farley, Jack Peatling, Liam Matthews & Ethan Clohesy
66/100 – Ryder Miller, Riley Wood, Jasper Bentvelzen, Seb Pendergast & Blake Ross

A big thank you to Mr. Ben Turner for his assistance and mentoring of our Clay Target team, and to the Bairnsdale Field and Game Club for putting on such a great event.

At this stage, the next Clay Target event will be at Sale on June 15th.