Ex Student Returns to College Leadership

Former student Kaitlyn Abrahall has been appointed the new Business Manager at Catholic College Sale.

A Chartered Accountant and small business owner, Ms Abrahall joins the college’s Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for all business and financial aspects, including future delivery of the school’s masterplan.

The school is halfway through a 10-year masterplan, which has seen a multi-million-dollar infrastructure overhaul, including new classrooms and state of the art technologies.

Ms Abrahall is the daughter of Lisa and Geoff Abrahall, who have been small business owners in Sale for the past 15 years and are well-known supporters of local community and sporting clubs.

She described the new role as a huge privilege, which combined her passion for the local community and “her” school, with a career pathway.

“I’m excited to get started. In some ways it’s like I haven’t left, but in other ways the school is entirely different to when I was here,” Kaitlyn said.

“Obviously the buildings and classrooms are very different, they are vastly improved; but there’s something special about the culture at Catholic College Sale.

“There’s a genuine care and warmth and perhaps it’s also because I really do value our school and our community, but I feel so proud to see what the school is now offering in terms of educational resources and technologies.

“The school’s focus is to help each individual to be the best they can be, I can see how we are achieving that.”

Ms Abrahall said her immediate focus was consolidation given the impacts of COVID and the move to full amalgamation at the end of last year.

She said it was important to reflect on the changes and work with teachers and staff to capitalise on the new technologies and resources that are now in place.

Over the next five years, Ms Abrahall said she looked forward to implementing the final stages of the school’s masterplan, which includes a performing arts space at St Mary’s Hall and new athletics facilities.

“Catholic College Sale has a special ability to unite its school community, to create long-lasting bonds between students that remain well beyond school years.

“I value this culture and all the things that make our school special and I look forward to being a part of that into the future.”