General Achievement Test (GAT) 2024

In 2024 the GAT will take place on Tuesday 18 June in the Bishop Phelan Stadium.

All students enrolled in one or more VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3–4 sequence are required to sit Sections A and B of the GAT.

Students enrolled in one or more VCE VM Unit 3-4 sequence are required to sit Section A only.

The 2024 VCAA GAT Student Information Brochure can be accessed here (a hard copy will be handed to all students sitting the GAT.)  Students are required to be familiar with the VCAA rules for the conduct of the GAT, and the list of approved exam materials and equipment, explained in this brochure.

Click to access 2024GATBrochure.pdf

Please see GAT Schedule below:

The 2024 GAT will be held on Tuesday 18 June as follows:

Time General Achievement Test
Section A: Literacy (Reading and Writing) and Numeracy
9:00–9:15am Reading time
9:15–11:15am Writing time to complete Section A, which has:

  • one writing task with 2 parts
  • 50 numeracy multiple-choice questions
  • 50 reading multiple-choice questions
11:15am–1:15pm  Break
Section B: General knowledge and skills
1:15–1:30pm Reading time
1:30–3:00pm Writing time to complete Section B, which has:

  • one extended writing task
  • 25 mathematics, science and technology multiple-choice questions
  • 25 arts and humanities multiple-choice questions