Marist Service Award – Mr Ken Holmes

Congratulations to Mr Ken Holmes who was recognised at the Annual MSA Mass and Dinner on Saturday 14 October, for his outstanding contribution to Marist Education. As the VCE Coordinator and current director of senior students, Ken values the critical role that a community plays in a student’s success. He has sought to build a community amongst the senior students, fostering solidarity by providing a welcoming space for all students, particularly in the Year 12 Ratisbonne center which has become an exceptional space for study, peer and teacher/ student collaboration. His classroom manner is held in very high regard, reflected in the outstanding VCE results his students have achieved over the years, including a total of 8 perfect study scores of 50.

Ken has broadened his knowledge and teaching pedagogy to adapt to perpetual change and diversification, in a way that perfectly echoes Marcellin’s original vision and desire to respond to societal changes affecting children and youth.

An example of this was his introduction of Extended Investigation to the College. Ken saw the need for students to develop an understanding of ethical and disciplined approaches to gathering, interpreting and evaluating evidence, all of which are critical skills required for further university studies. Since the inception of the subject, Ken has continued to develop and improve a comprehensive study design that saw the subject grow in popularity and increase study scores, cumulating with a perfect study score for 50 and the VCE Premiers Award for Extended Investigation presented to one of his students in 2022.

Ken embodies the spirit to walk amongst young people, to see the good in all and has the exceptional value of relating to all students, understanding that each of our students are different and unique. He often seeks students out who are vulnerable or find it challenging to meet expectations, taking the time to build a rapport with them in order to assist their choices and development.

Ken’s character is honest and straightforward. He strongly believes that teaching is a vocation and has dedicated his life to this this profession. His love and passion has been seeded in all of those who have worked beside him and his legacy, as an exceptional educator will hold a special place in the history of Catholic College Sale and the Marist family.