SSV Cross Country

The first round of SSV Cross Country was held at Alberton West Recreation Reserve on Tuesday 18th May. There were some great results from our runners, including a first place from Luke Dwyer in the 14 Boys. Sixteen of our participants will now progress to the next round on June 3rd.

13 Boys
Asher Higgins- 2nd
Riley Mizzi- 4th
Jy Higgins- 5th
Jett McMahon- 6th
Vincent McLeod- 12th
Tom Aeschlimann- 17th
Mack McMahon- 26th

13 Girls
Tarla Stewart- 3rd
Charlotte Armstrong- 6th
Grace Dillow- 13th
Katie Hall- 15th
Frances Dwyer- 17th
Willow Goode- 24th

14 Boys
Luke Dwyer- 1st
Mitchell McMaster- 2nd

14 Girls

Acacia Sutton- 4th
Milla Grattan- 16th
Emily Kelly- 18th
Sarah Ross- 23rd

15 Boys
Kaden McCulloch- 4th
Rhys Schultz- 13th

15 Girls
Laura Coleman- 4th

16 Boys
Chris Dwyer- 2nd