SSV Year 9/10 Football – Wellington Round

On Wednesday April 28th, our Intermediate Boys Football team played off against schools from Maffra, Sale and Traralgon in the first round of School Sport Victoria (SSV) competition.

Our side had strong wins against Maffra and Sale Colleges, but were outclassed in the final against Lavalla Catholic College.

A big thank you to Mr Josh Stubbe for coaching this team.

Best players for the day were; Jett Killoran, Max Stobie, Harry Burgiel, Noah Szabatura, Will Ross, Zac Felsbourg, Harry Stables and Jay Diamond.  Results and goal-kickers from our games below:

CCS 18.15.123 vs Sale College 0.0.0
Goals: Charlie Wilson 4, Isaac Wheeler 2, Harper Fraser, Noah Szabatura, Asher Eastham 1, Will Ross, Blayke Sutton, Harry Stables, Jono Boyd, Jack Cantwell, Max Stobie, Noah Johnston

CCS 17.3.105 vs Maffra SC 2.1.13
Goals: Harry Burgiel 3, Harper Fraser 2, Oli Brewer, Wheeler, Jett Killoran, Ryan Phelan, Szabatura 1, Wilson, Jack Osborn, Oakley Pearson.

CCS 1.0.6 vs Lavalla CC 6.12.48
Goals: Brewer 1

Team – Bailey Wright, Charlie Wilson, Darcy Davis, Harper Fraser, Harry Stables, Jack Kelly, Jack Osborn, Jay Diamond, Jett Killoran, Jos Dimarco, Noah Szabatura, Wil Ross, Zach Felsbourg, Asher Eastham, Harry Burgiel, Oakley Pearson, Max Stobie, Ethan Clohesy, Isaac Wheeler, James Allman, Jono Boyd, Kail Hole, Oliver Brewer, Ryan Phelan, Noah Johnston, Jack Cantwell, Kaden McCulloch, Blayke Baldock-Bartilotta