Success at the Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest

CCS win Technical Excellence award at the 2022 Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest

On Thursday 4 August Year 10 students from across Australia were invited to participate in the annual Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest. Students work in teams and put their maths, science, engineering and project management skills to the test in the creation of a ‘spaghetti machine’ — an overly complex device doing a basic thing. Teams have five months to design, plan and build their machines before demonstrating their creations on-campus at the University of Melbourne or via video on judging day!
This year was the first time CCS entered a team and our students were extremely excited to participate. There hard work and enthusiasm in the months prior to the contest was second to none. They put in many hours, giving up there own time to create their Rube Goldberg machine.
The state wide competition attracted 15 entries, however only 7 teams managed to construct a machine to compete. There was only one machine that met all criteria and worked ‘without intervention’ each time it ran, and it was the one our students produced!
This earned us the ‘Technical excellence’ award, presented by Professor Christina Lim, a research group leader from the Electrical Engineering department at Melbourne University. In speaking to all teams she stressed that, in the end, a solution that works and is reliable was the most important measure.
Congratulations to Will Manning, Emmet Hobbs, Matilda Berns, Niamh Kelly, Zac Mezenberg, Grace Johns, Cooper Clutterbuck and James Shaw.
Also thankyou to Mr Nash for mentoring these students.