VCE Results and Apprentices 2020

We congratulate our graduating students from the class of 2020. It has been a challenging year and all students managed the changing learning environment very well.
We especially congratulate our College Dux for 2020, Holly Hansford with an ATAR of 96.1 and our other new 90+ Club members Emily Knobel, 94.35, Alexandra Stephenson, 92.95, Jonathan Lam, 91.8 and Lily McCaughey, 91.4.
We wish all our students the very best for the future.
Chris Randell

ATAR and Apprentices 2020

Holly Hansford
ATAR 96.1
Emily Knobel
ATAR 94.35
Alexandra Stephenson
ATAR 92.5
Jonathan Lam
ATAR 91.8
Lily McCaughey
ATAR 91.4