Year 8 Quest Day

On Thursday 26th of November our 2021 Year 8 students gathered at the College Ovals for the annual Quest Day event. This day is an opportunity for students to both individually and collectively get to know their peers whilst being challenged to complete tasks and activities. The tasks and activities comprise of initiative and team building games all designed to challenge individuals and groups. Students worked within their House groups and each activity was facilitated by the Year 11 RESA students.

Activities included –

Egg Drop
The aim is to build an egg packaging that will secure the eggs from damaging while falling from a two to three feet above ground level. Newspapers, tape and straws can be provided for making such a package. The groups are given 30minutes to come up with an  efficient packaging, which are put to the test after completion.

It takes nothing more than raspberry lollies and toothpicks. The group is split into 2-4 teams and an instructor builds a raspberry sculpture. The groups are assigned a task to replicate the sculpture  keeping in mind the colour and other specifications. The sculpture is placed at an equal distance from the two teams. One member of each team is allowed at a time to observe the sculpture without touching it and memorize its specs so that he or she could instruct its team members on how to
exactly replicate the sculpture. The game ends when one of the groups successfully replicates the sculpture. This game focuses on trust building and memorizing skills.

Group Problem Solving
Students work together to solve the questions after being split into different small groups. lf they solve all the questions in the allotted time they need to create one of their own to then challenge another (possibly future) group, but they need to have the answer and proof.

Students need to move a large heavy rope (tug of war rope). Majority of students are blindfolded. No­one is allowed to touched the rope with their hands or load it onto their body. Students start within a circle made by the rope and need to move it up a hill to finish within the rope circle they make.

Alphabet Aerobics.
Using the supplied lyrics and after hearing it, students; as a class are to learn and perform the song. During performance students are not allowed to have the lyrics and if they make a mistake they are sent away to practice more to produce perfection.

Lost at Sea – What do you need?
You have become lost at sea after a storm has destroyed your boat. You have salvaged 15 items. You job is to rank the items 1-15 in order of importance to you.