Year 9 Outdoor Ed Camp

Year 9 Outdoor Ed Wilson’s Promontory Camp

Mr. Scholtes’ Class

On the 17th May, 23 students left to attend their three day adventure camp to Wilsons Promontory. Complementing the theory covered in class, the students were required to plan and organise their food and equipment in order to successfully participate in all the activities on camp.

Visiting the Big Drift and hiking up Mt. Oberon on the first day was a great start to the camp. It was a little bit windy and cold but the students were well prepared. The weather did not impede the trip at all. We finished the day with a night game of 44 home and settled in for a great sleep.

On the second day, having been visited by a couple of wombats and possums throughout the night, the students were in positive spirits for our walk and exploration of the Loo Ern track and Squeaky Beach. The students spent a bit of time clambering over rocks, trying to find crabs, taking in the sights, playing games including frisbee and trying to avoid getting wet by wave surges (some were more successful than others). On the return trip to camp the students were challenged with a rock face, and visited Pillar Point. That night we again cooked a great meal and finished the day with a walk on the beach and a bit of star gazing, introducing the ‘Emu in the Sky’ constellation.

On the final day we awoke to minimal wind and no clouds; the perfect conditions for a 2 hour surf lesson. Suiting up in wetsuits and running through the basics of surfing with our Offshore Surf School instructors, the students were soon hitting the water and hanging 10. Following the lesson we had a quick lunch, said hello and goodbye to the other class that had arrived and departed for home.

Outdoor Education is an elective offered in Year 9 and runs for a semester. At the VCE level, students elect Outdoor & Environmental Studies and attend more adventures and activities.